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Resurface Rather Than Replace: Blog

Commercial Lobbies Transform Overnight With Surface Finishes

The old Idea of "demo & replace" is shifting to "adapt & reuse".

Have your commercial wall panels + commercial structures seen better days? Do your expensive Wall cladding need a refresher? Wall Panels play a huge role in making a great first impression. Here's why our Decorative Wall Panel solution is the best in the industry.

Surface Finishes are pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that provide durability for any non-porous surface application. Explore this innovative and budget friendly solution to commercial wall panel remodeling/replacement. Surface Finishes can also be applied on architectural structures such as columns, doors and ceiling panels.

Centurion Tower West Palm Beach, FL | Wall Panel Renovation Project

Wall Panel Remodel Renovation Project:This wall panel was not in the best conditions and needed to be renovated in order to provide a great impression for their guests. Substrate Conditions- The original woodwork wall cladding panels were outdated. Our team transformed and prepared panels for application of Surface Finish. Installation Time- 3 business days Lobby Wall Panel Surface Finish Remodel.


Decorate Outdated Wall Panels and DryWall by covering them in Surface Finishes. Keep your building beautiful without the expensive costs of veneered wood wall tiles and installations of wall cladding systems. Surface Finishes gives you hundreds of cost-efficient ways to replace outdated finishes and refresh your space — with minimal downtime, noise and dust.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your next project or learning more about Architectural Films for retail and commercial properties, contact us.

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