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LG BENIF Hausys Architectural Interior Film

What is LG BENIF Architectural Interior Film?

LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior Film is a pressure-sensitive self adhesive vinyl backing that emulate natural materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and textiles. Interior Film reuse of existing structures and surfaces by transforming them and giving them an entirely new look and feel, at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing natural materials.

Architectural Interior Film is made of three components including film , adhesive and release liner. This Architectural film is designed to be applied on flat surfaces to change the color and texture.We welcome you to explore this innovative and new alternative for plastic laminates and new build outs.
Video: How to wrap hotel doors in LG Hausys BENIF


What is the difference between LG BENIF and LX BENIF ?

LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film has been rebranded to LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film. LX Hausys BENIF is referred to as architectural interior film it can also be known as Architectural wrap or Architectural vinyl because they are interchangeable names. They both are used to describe wrap that is specifically engineered to be applied on structures such as doors, elevator entrances and walls engineered by LX Hausys BENIF. Interior architectural films are will elevate your space. 

What can LG Hausys Architectural Interior film be applied on?

LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film can be applied on non-porous wood, gypsum boards, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and certain plastics. Interior Film is able to be installed in a variety of flat or curved surface including walls, panels and ceilings. Interior wrap is ideal for commercial spaces including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and corporate office environments. Modernize your surfaces and fixtures with less downtime and less waste by utilizing LX Hausys Architectural film. 
Architectural wrap can be used on columns, walls, elevators and storefronts

What are the benefits of LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film ?

Avoid lengthy turn around time and unpleasant odors with LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Wrap for your renovation needs in Miami. The LG BENIF architectural surface film excels in heat resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, Fire resistance and Ultraviolet light exposure.

Architectural LG vinyl e
liminates the need to manufacture and distribute new products while reducing the carbon footprint making this solution the most eco-friendly wrap. Earn LEED Credits or healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings for using LG Hausys architectural wrap.
Eco-Friendly Wrap
LG Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior Film

What finishes are available in LG Architectural Interior film?

Architectural Wrap by LG Hausys represent an opportunity for infinite creativity. We connect our clients with a wide selection of architectural vinyl manufacturers and guide you in selecting the best for your project. In doing so, we have the capability to connect you with over 1000+ Architectural Wrap finishes.

The diverse and unique designs allow endless possibilities for you project.We work with multiple Architectural Wrap manufacturers including 3M DI-NOC, LG BENIF, Belbien and Koroseal Reatec. 3M DI-NOC have curated a fine selection of luxurious wood grain architectural film.
Architectural Wrap Wood Grain Finish
LX Hausys  Metallic, Marble, Wood Grains Finishes Available 

Where to find certified LG/ LX Hausys Architectural Interior Film installers

We are certified architectural wrap preferred installers that install LG/LX Hausys BENIF. Our installers are licensed for the application of Architectural Interior Finishes by the 3M DI-NOC endorsed installer program.

Resurface Wraps provides peace of mind by making sure that your project is in the hands of professional wrap installers in the industry.
Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 2.43.56 PM.png

Can LG BENIF Hausys Architectural Interior film be installed for exterior environments?

LX Hausys BENIF Architectural film is designed for interiors and exteriors decorations of ceilings, elevators, doors, glass, cabinetry and other flat non-porous surfaces. Architectural interior film is moisture resistant and heat resistant which always for exterior decorations. Architectural interior film can be applied on external surfaces such as elevator entrances, columns, storefronts and mullions. 

How durable are LG/ LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film?

LG Hausys BENIF is designed to be very durable in order to sustain the test of time. Architectural wrap is very durable due to its design and abrasion resistant properties. LX Hausys BENIF can protect the surface that is is applied on by preventing mild scratches, scuffs and discoloration. The expected performance life for LG Hausys BENIF architectural interior film is 12 years for indoor applications.   

How thick are LG/ LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film?

LG Hausys architectural film materials are on average .006 inches (6 mils.)- .012 inches (12 mils.)thick including adhesive-backing system and film. The thickness of Architectural wrap allows for it to be used in applications where weight and clearance is limited. The thickness of Architectural wrap make it the best design solution for elevator entrances and doors.

How to best maintain LG/ LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film?

Maintaining LG Hausys interior film is the most cost effective and low maintenance design solution. To best maintain the appearance and texture of architectural wrap is to keep up with regular cleaning of surface.Routine removal of dirt is the best way to maintain against normal wear and tear. 

It is important to consider where and the amount of traffic that the architectural wrap is exposed to. 

sustainable -
and easy to clean 

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on architectural wrap maintenance 

How to best clean LG/ LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film?

The best way to clean LG Hausys interior film is to utilize the appropriate cleaning substance on the architectural wrap to remove the stain. Routine removal of dirt requires only mild detergent; water; and a soft non-abrasive cloth or sponge to help keep your space looking fresh.

In other cases, the stains can be easily cleaned off by using a household cleaner such as dishwashing liquid. In other cases, a solution of denatured alcohol will generally remove the stain. For severe stains, it is possible to use lacquer thinner or acetone in some instances.
Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 6.47.38 PM.png
Cleaning & Maintenance
How to maintain the appearance of your LX Hausys Film 

Where to buy LG/ LX Hausys BENIF Architectural Interior film and order samples? 

We purchase architectural wrap directly from manufacturers- for your convenience we handle material orders and architectural wrap installations.  

We offers are a combination of the best product lines of architectural vinyl, architectural film and architectural wrap in the market. This allows us to help you select the right one for your project. We offer our assistance in product selection to the installation process. We look forward to getting in touch soon to get started on your architectural wrap project.

Who makes the best Architectural wrap? 

There are multiple manufacturers of architectural wrap in the industry. We install with 3M DINOC , LG Hausys Benif, Koroseal Reatec and Belbien. 

With many options for architectural wrap, how do you pick the correct vinyl for your architectural wrap project?- the simple answer is that all manufactures listed above make great vinyls that are durable and beautiful. The architectural vinyl that you select for your project has to meet your building criteria, project budget and desired finish. 

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