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  • What are Architectural Films?
    Architectural films are an innovative adhesive backing wrap. They allow creative freedom by offering finishes that include but are not limited to wood, metals, stone and textiles. They can be applied in commercial renovations or new construction projects due to their high safety rating. Architectural films can be commonly referred to as architectural vinyl, architectural wraps, fusions or surface covering.
  • Why Resurface Wraps?
    Resurface Wraps provides nationwide installation of architectural vinyl. We offer a combination of the best product lines of surface finishes, architectural vinyl, architectural film or surface covering in the market. This allows us to help you select the right architectural vinyl for your project. We offer our clients help from the product selection, project planning and installation.
  • What are the benefits of Architectural Wrap?
    Architectural wrap provides multiple benefits for experts in this field such as; interior designers, architects, developers, general contractors, managers, and owners. Architectural wrap finishes are ideal for commercial spaces including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and corporate office environments where frequent design changes, tight timelines, and efficient budgets are necessary to present a fresh look without the inconvenience of lengthy and messy construction.
  • How thick are Architectural films?
    Architectural Surface finishes are on average .006 inches thick (6 mils.) excluding the release paper and adhesive-backing system. They can be used in applications where weight and clearance from moving parts limits other surfacing options.
  • What surface can Architectural Wrap be applied to?
    Architectural Wrap can be installed on virtually any smooth, non-porous surface. The most common surfaces are plastic laminate, high-pressure laminate, metal, melamine, polished stone, glass, and sealed wood. Architectural films can also be applied to smooth porous surfaces that have been properly prepped to provide the best finish.
  • Can Architectural Wrap be applied on external environments?
    Architectural wrap offers different product lines, within the product lines exterior finishes are available. Exterior finishes can be used to renovate storefront and mullions. Architectural wrap also provides great durability and flexibility for business owners.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Architectural Wrap?
    In most all cases, the stains can be easily cleaned off by using a household cleaner such as dishwashing liquid. In other cases, a solution of denatured alcohol will generally remove the stain. For severe stains, it is possible to use lacquer thinner or acetone in some instances.For more information regarding maintenance, please check out our resources page.
  • Does Resurface Wraps offer warranty?
    Resurface Wraps provides minimum of a 3 year warranty for all of our installations. Please check our resources page for more information regarding limited warranty terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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