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Hotel Door Vinyl Wrap Remodeling

Resurface Wraps specializes in architectural vinyl wrap installation for hotel doors. We are the cost effective solution to renew hotel doors with architectural wrap finishes. Avoid the high cost and lengthy inconvenient process of replacing your entire door.

Call us today for a quote on new door wraps for your hotel. Serving all 50 states with headquarters located in Miami, Florida.   



How to remodel your hotel door with Architectural Vinyl Wrap?

Cover the existing hotel room door rather than replacing with minimal hassle with Architectural Vinyl Wraps for doors. Architectural Vinyl is well-suited for high traffic areas as they are abrasion resistant, making them ideal for hotels in need of updating without inconveniencing guests during renovation. Our finishes also provide hundreds of cost-efficient ways to update your space — with minimal downtime and noise.

Hotel Door Wrap Renovation

If you want to change the look of your door without actually changing the door, you can renovate your door with a door wrap. A door wrap is a durable architectural vinyl that can be applied to your door in just an half an hour. It’s a great way to revamp your hotel corridors and welcome your guests for their stay. A door wrap can be quickly applied on your doors in order to not interrupt your guests. With multiple architectural vinyl finishes available you have the possibility to pick the one that best represents your hotel.  A door wrap is not only the most affordable option for renovating your door but it is the most convenient.

How durable are Hotel Door Wraps?

Hotel Door wrap is suitable to be applied on high traffic areas such as hotel doors due to its abrasion resistant properties. Architectural interior hotel door wrap is the perfect design solution.Interior door vinyl can protect the existing hotel door by preventing mild scratches, scuffs and discoloration. The expected performance life of  architectural vinyl is 12 years for indoor applications. Create corridors that invite and provide your guest with the best experience possible at every corner. Maintain a welcoming environment for your guests for the present and future. 

Where to find a certified Hotel Door Wrap installer?

We are a team of professional installers that are ready to tackle your hotel door wrap project at your convenience. Our installers are licensed for the application of Architectural Interior Finishes by the 3M DI-NOC endorsed installer program. Resurface Wraps provides peace of mind by making sure that your project is in the hands of professional wrap installers in the industry. We strive to conduct your renovation prioritizing your needs and your guests needs first.

What materials are used for architectural Wraps?

Our professional team of installers use the best interior vinyls in the industry. We highly recommend Reatec by Koroseal, Benif by LX Hauslys (LG Hauslys) , Dinoc by 3M , and Belbien architectural surface finishes. All the brands stated above manufacture Fire Rated material that is code compliant to use in any interior surface. These brands are top of the line, all are warranted, and quality controlled to ensure best possible durability. 

Class A Fire Rated; UL 10B and 10C certified

Renew your doors with Surface Finishes

No Harsh Odors or VOCs

Doors remain on hinge for installation

Nationwide Projects by Certified Installers

Average Install time per panel: 30 minutes

LEED Credits

The"green" Solution

reatec door wrap.jpg
Reatec door wrap.jpg

Compare Door Remodeling Solutions

High-end door finish at a fraction of the cost.
Renew your hotel doors with interior vinyl wraps instead of replacing them.

Hotel room doors are easily transformed with wrap finishes using architectural vinyl wraps. Architectural vinyl wraps for doors look and feel to resemble natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Installation is minimally disruptive and completed with very little down time. Ensure your facility will look great for years to come with a warranty of 5 years and a life expectancy of 10- 15 years. Architectural wrap are sometimes referred to as architectural film, interior film, architectural finishes, architectural vinyl , interior wrap, or surface coverings. With thousands of door wraps under our belt, our expertise is impressive. Resurface Wraps' team of interior architectural wrap installers are highly qualified , certified , and experienced.  

Once you’ve decided to update your hotel doors, start by researching the type of door renovation that’s right for your budget. You can renovate your hotel door by: applying veneer to your existing door, painting, replacing or resurfacing your hotel door with interior architectural door wrap. Both veneer and New doors allow you creative freedom in terms of design but don’t forget about its potential flaws – extremely expensive, hard to repair and its slow turnaround time. If you consider painting your hotel doors keep in mind that the cost of maintaining them can become expensive over time. Hotel Door wraps are available in many different colors, wood finishes, metallics and solids. Hotel door wraps is the best choice, they’re perfect for hotels because they’re elegant, durable, and practically maintenance-free.

Resurface Wraps Architectural Vinyl Door Wrap 


Per Door Average


Is the average cost of resurfacing a hotel door using Fire rated Architectural Vinyl Wraps. Single sided and Double sided application vary in price.

Cost of Replacing a Fire Rated Door with a New One


Per Door Average


The average cost of replacing a fire rated door is $1,000 USD. 

3M DINOC certified installer miami
DINOC Architectural finish

Resurface hotel doors instead of replacing. Installers with a 3M DI-NOC™ Architectural wrap accreditation can transform your space with less downtime, less labor and less waste.


 Certified professionals ready to take on your project needs.   

Licensed for the application of Architectural Interior Finishes by the 3M DI-NOC wrap endorsed installer program. Resurface Wraps provides peace of mind by making sure that your project is in being done by professionals in the industry.

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 1.24.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 2.44.32 PM.png


The premier architectural wrap installer company in America.  

At Resurface Wraps, we specialize in architectural vinyl installation. Our goal is to offer our clients the ability to resurface rather than replace. We aim to help create a brighter future for you and your investment by taking away the financial burden of costly build outs and remodels. We use only the highest quality materials with an attention to detail throughout each project we take on. 


Multiple Architectural wrap manufactures offered.

Compare all available options and find the architectural wrap that fit your design needs and project budget. Resurface Wraps prides itself in offering the best options for our clients. We install 3M DINOC, LG BENIF, BELBIEN, & REATEC in South Florida.



Durable Architectural Wrap

Architectural Wrap Installation 

Custom Wrap Design 

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