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3M DINOC Installer Florida | Certified 3M DI-NOC installation company

Interior Architectural Wrap Installer Florida


Our Interior Wrap Experts ensure a fast, mess free, budget friendly application.

Resurface Wraps is the leading 3M DI-NOC installation company in Florida. Resurface Wraps specializes strictly on Architectural wrap installations. Resurface wraps has a team of Professional and Endorsed Architectural Installers available to start interior wrap projects at any moment's notice.

Interior wrap is highly durable and cost effective. Resurface Wraps works with architects, building engineers, chief engineers, interior designers, property management companies, contractos, home owners, business owners, and project owners.  

Designed to have ZERO facility downtime

Renew your space without the disruption, downtime, expense and loss of use that results from a typical renovation. Resurface wraps helps you transform your spaces and meet your other critical objectives.
  • Durability: Ensure your home will look great for years to come with a warranty up to 10 years depending on the application. Durable enough to handle heavy traffic.

  • Easy to maintain: Easy to clean with detergent and water and withstands most hospital grade cleaners. Architectural Finishes are much easier to repair than wood or veneer, and repairs are virtually invisible at a normal viewing distance.

  • Cost-efficient: Architectural Wrap, you get the real look and feel of the material of your choice without the hefty cost associated traditional remodeling. On average, we save our clients between 40-60% on their interior resurfacing projects.



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