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Belbien Architectural Finishes  

 Allow us to install your Belbien Architectural Finish. Our certified wrap installers are ready to be part of your project. Belbien Vinyl is the solution for your project.

Resurface Wraps  is certified to install Belbien architectural finishes.

As certified installers, we can help you install Belbien interior finishes and provide a peace of mind to your project.

Belbien Architectural finishes allow for the reuse of existing structures and surfaces by transforming them and giving them an entirely new look and feel, at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing natural materials.


Top Rated Belbien Installers 

 Our installers are licensed and insured for the application of Architectural Interior Finishes by the 3M DI-NOC endorsed installer program. Resurface Wraps provides peace of mind by making sure that your project is in the hands of professionals in the industry.
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Belbien is designed for interiors and exteriors decorations of ceilings, elevators, doors, glass, cabinetry and other flat non-porous surfaces. Belbien Architectural Wrap is moisture resistant and heat resistant which always for exterior decorations. Architectural wrap can be applied on external surfaces such as elevator entrances, columns, storefronts and mullions.

Benefits of Belbien Wrap - Architectural finishes 

Avoid lengthy turn around time and unpleasant odors with Belbien Wrap Architectural film for your renovation needs. The product performance excels in heat resistance, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, Fire resistance and Ultraviolet light exposure.

Eliminates the need to manufacture and distribute new products while reducing the carbon footprint. Earn LEED Credits or healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings.

What finishes are available in Belbien Architectural Wrap?

Architectural Wrap represent an opportunity for infinite creativity. We connect our clients with a wide selection of architectural vinyl manufacturers and guide you in selecting the best for your project. In doing so, we have the capability to connect you with over 1000+ Architectural Wrap finishes. The diverse and unique designs allow endless possibilities for you project. Belbien architectural finishes have unique finishes available for your project.

Belbien can be applied on 

Belbien Architectural finishes create an opportunity to reuse existing structures and surfaces by transforming them and giving them an entirely new look and feel, at a fraction of the cost compared to natural materials. They can be applied on wood, gypsum boards, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and certain plastics. Our durable, dynamic films are able to be installed in a variety of flat or curved surfaces, including walls, panels and ceilings.

Belbien Architectural film can be used to wrap elevators, hotel doors, kitchen cabinets, furniture pieces and much more.

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