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Elevator Cab Remodel- In (1) day

Surface Finishes are pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that provide durability for any non-porous surface application. Explore this innovative and budget friendly solution to elevator interior cab remodel. Areas that Surface Finishes can be applied are panels, frames and doors.

Cover the existing elevator panels/cladding rather than ripping them out and replacing them, with minimal mess and disruption to guests or tenants during installation with Surface Finishes.

109 Towers Apartments, MIAMI FL Interior Elevator Cab Remodel

Elevator Cab Remodel Renovation Project: This interior of this elevator cab had been badly vandalized and needed to stay code compliant with anti vandalism regulations. Substrate Conditions- The original stainless

steel of these panels had been stained. Our team transformed and prepared panels for application of the selected Surface Finish. Installation Time- 2.5 hours, The high traffic Elevators mainly utilized by students in Florida International University required low installation time and we were able to accomplish this with minimum interruption.

Number of Elevator Cab Remodeled- 3 Total Cabs. Warranty- Three years from date of installation. warranty terms and conditions are available online on our resources page. Product Line- Surface Finish that was used in this project was a stainless steel Surface Finish from 3M DINOC.

Renew your hospitality Elevators by covering them in Surface Finishes. Surface Finishes is well suited for high traffic areas due to its abrasion resistant properties. Replacing elevator panels is expensive, time-consuming, and will turn the property into a construction zone with installation mess and unavoidable gas odors.

Contact Us - Interested in elevating the look of your elevators? The first step in the process is to send photos to ( ) of the current condition of your elevators. Next, we will determine your timeline, and the areas you would like to be completed.

Let’s get started on your future project!

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