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Resurface Rather Than Replace: Blog

Renew your hotel room doors with Surface Finishes

Resurface rather than replace your hotel room doors finishes and frames. Transform your doors with Surface Finishes, the most cost effective solution to hotel interior door renovation.

Surface Finishes are pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that provide durability for any non-porous surface application. Explore this innovative and budget friendly solution to hospitality door remodeling/replacement. Surface Finishes can be applied to a standard interior door on the hinge in about 40 minutes and are Class “A” fire-rated.

The most cost effective solution to Hotel remodeling.

Renew your hospitality door by covering them in Surface Finishes. Surface Finishes is well suited for high traffic areas due to its abrasion resistant properties.Keep your building beautiful without inconveniencing your guests. Architectural Surface finishes gives you hundreds of cost-efficient ways to replace

outdated finishes and refresh your space — with minimal downtime, noise and dust.

What Substrates can Surface Finishes be applied to?

Surface Finishes can be installed on virtually any smooth, non-porous surface. The most common surfaces are plastic laminate, high-pressure laminate, metal, melamine, polished stone, glass, and sealed wood. Surface Finishes can also be applied to smooth porous surfaces that have been properly prepped to provide the best finish.

Available in more than 1300 designs, colors and textures, architectural finishes provide an almost unlimited creative freedom for personalization at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and most patterns can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications with a warranty of Twelve and Five years respectively.


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