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Resurface Rather Than Replace: Blog

How to: The Most cost effective way to remodel Convention Centers

Our durable, dynamic films are able to be installed in a variety of flat or curved surfaces, including walls, panels and ceilings. #SurfaceFinishes

About Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes are pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that provide durability for any non-porous surface application. The best solution for commercial renovations and new construction that emulate natural materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and textiles. We welcome you to explore this innovative and new alternative for plastic laminates and new build outs.

Convention Center

Renovations / Remodel are crucial for the maintenance of the appearance of buildings. Invite natural finishes into your building while staying within budget. Apply virtually any flat substrates: Ceiling panels, walls casework and columns.

Surface Finishes Benefits

Surface Finishes benefit multiple experts in this field such as; interior designers, architects, developers, general contractors, managers, and owners. Architectural Surface finishes are ideal for commercial spaces including hospitality, retail, healthcare, and corporate office environments where frequent design changes, tight timelines, and efficient budgets are necessary to present a fresh look without the inconvenience of lengthy and messy construction.

Finishes Available

Available in more than 1300 designs, colors and textures, architectural finishes provide an almost unlimited creative freedom for personalization at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and most patterns can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications with a warranty of Twelve and Five years respectively


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