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Hotel Brand Conversions 

Hotel brand conversions are a strategic approach to improving a hotel's market position, operational efficiency, and overall profitability. Hotel brand conversions occur for various reasons including ownership change, modernization and changing market dynamics. Hotel brand conversions are using this innovative technique to renovate their doors.

Hotel Brand Conversion Doors

Given the present economic environment—marked by stricter lending standards, increasing construction costs, and a slower pace of recovery in certain urban areas—major hotel groups are increasingly focusing on brands ready for conversion as a strategy for future growth. For example,  renovating the doors in a hotel brand conversion with Class A Fire Rated Door Films

Hotel Doors Conversion Benefits

No Down Time Means

Happier Guests

Hotel room doors are easily transformed with wrap finishes using architectural vinyl wraps. Architectural vinyl wraps for doors look and feel to resemble natural materials such as wood, stone, metal, and leather. Installation is minimally disruptive and completed with very little down time

Hundreds Of Available Finishes

Compare all available options and find the architectural wrap that fit your design needs and project budget. Resurface Wraps prides itself in offering the best options for our clients. 

Brand recognition & Modernization 

During major renovations, hotels may rebrand to reflect a contemporary style and upgrade facilities to meet modern industry standards.

Hotel Door Renovation 

Elegant Finishes

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